Connect to your purpose: Put the heartbeat back into your business.

March, 2018

Your life depends on the beat of your heart. A strong heartbeat means good health. Same as your business…it has a heartbeat, it does have a “life”. Can you hear and feel it’s heartbeat? Is it strong…or is it not beating at all?

Symptoms of a weak heartbeat.
The masterpiece of your story is your heart; your purpose. You naturally flow from the heartbeat of your WHAT. It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of “doing” rather than acting from your “being”. Are others hearing your heartbeat of being or your frantic “doing”? Some clues of missing heartbeat:
You feel successful yet hollow, have that nagging feeling of knowing things are going well (or you are trapped on a hamster wheel, spinning…stuck) but you are unsatisfied, frustrated with teams, partners, or you own communications. You know your big ideas, why don’t others?
1. Team members are not enthusiastic, are “showing up” rather than showing each other and you solutions.
2. It seems to take 10 times (or more!) longer for things to get done. Processes are slow or completely stalled out no matter how much you tell people “what to do”. New bold ideas do not find their way to your office and you see other business and people racing ahead of you while you stand still.
3. Income and ROI are slow or in the red, audience attraction is nil, and folks are confused as to the value you offer.

Your foundations are no longer guided by or share purpose, and your exhausted heartbeat stops.

How to get your heart beat going again.
Your heartbeat (or purpose) is the masterpiece of your story…take its pulse:
1. Go back to the point of your big idea, your excitement and enthusiasm for your business or product to be seen, accepted, talked about and bought. That moment you decided YES, this is my reason for being. Write that feeling and idea down on paper, put it big and bold where you can see it everyday.
2. After you sit with your original story or purpose, take a “purpose pulse” survey. Ask friends, partners, teams if they know your passion, value, brand essence clearly? Are they seeing it in your product, service and communications?
3. Summarize: If the answer is a resounding YES (I know and value your true purpose) and they totally understand the value of your passion…the heartbeat is strong. If folks do not know, are not building “more” from that passion or WHAT, teams are not synched into doing from that “being”…then you have no heartbeat in your business…you have a working entity with little passion or true story connection. You are in the stuck zone of frustration.
4. If you are off your heart path, not telling your story from your heart’s masterpiece of purpose, you may need to “re”-view:
A. Do a purpose re-discovery…see if you are now reflecting or ignoring your WHAT.
B. Check in with your close partners or business associates and ask them for help
in a re-view of your brand communications, mission, or vision statements. Is your
business heart being fed by strong “arteries” with flowing purposeful parts
and pieces?
C. Physically re-view your WHAT for your life and business (they are totally
connected) by drawing out in visual picture storytelling to show and share with
others. Use the universal language of pictures to create a touchstone that keeps
your heartbeat out in the open, seen, and understood by all. Quick sketch
doodles (Drawing out purposeful pictures is my masterpiece, my “heartbeat”) are
fast ways to show folks your talent and true value. Let your heart beat loudly by
using picture storytelling in presentations, webinars, internal and external meeting
summaries, mapping out future scenarios, even for process reviews and shifts.
All can be communicated clearly in a quick focused manner with quick-sketched

Your business heart beats from your enthusiasm, clarity, focus, ability to communicate your purpose to others. When your heart beats strongly it connects with all who are aligned with your unique purpose. You empower their hearts to powerfully to speak the beat of their values.

Make some good noise, let your heartbeat be heard, felt and seen!

I’m Paula Brown, Graphic Facilitator / Purpose Discovery Guide / Author. I am a visual storyteller and “purpose guide” getting you unstuck by drawing out purposeful paths and communications. Showing you many possibilities to IGNITE YOUR STORY, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR WELL-BEING for business and life. My site is: and Connect on: Linked In, Twitter. and you can “like” my facebook page at: