Every picture tells a story

I invite you to visually communicate your unique ideas, teachings, brand, travels, blog, meetings, consultations, books, story...  the sky is the limit with “outside of the box” Essence Illustrations from the heart of your story. Enjoy a quick look at the “picture” power of Essence Illustration!

Quoting one “storyteller” sharing about our partnership in putting his words into Essence Illustration:

• “Here’s what you should know about working with Paula Brown:

With Paula, you don’t get a wrist.

You get a brain.

She’s quick on the uptake. Groks the content. Has great marketing instincts. Knows what a presenter needs

— and nails it the first time.

Project after project, Paula has translated torrents of my (often non-linear) words into clear, clean images that communicated complex ideas powerfully.

She’s fast and she’s smart

Do yourself a favor and hire her.”

David Morgenstern / President and Creative Director / The Morgenstern Company, Inc.

See the value of Picture Questing, download my pdf: “WIFM” Value with Essence Illustrations”
Where Essence Illustration succeeds your story:
• Workshops / Special Events • Meetings / Team building • Classes  • Conference / Summit recording  • Blog and Web Talk • Key Note Talks  • Storyboarding and mapping  • Brand discoveries & reviews  • Brainstorming  • Retreats / Special Events • Learning travel journeys  • Report / Presentation / Power Point  • Retail Signage & Display  • Book Illustration, and more…

Click on the visual below to jump into your Heart Essence Story by using my 5 purpose questing steps offer
Your 5 Step Purpose Quest Map.” pdf.

Picture your story, let’s connect!
Ignite your story, connect up for more information, examples of work, hows and how much, I love to share my story.

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