Thank you for joyful expressions of thanks

Deep gratitude to all for letting me help ignite great ideas and meaning by drawing out your communications, programs, travels, and changes; helping you tell your story in “visual speak”!

“Here’s what you should know about working with Paula Brown:

With Paula, you don’t get a wrist.

You get a brain.

She’s quick on the uptake. Groks the content. Has great marketing instincts. Knows what a presenter needs
—and nails it the first time.
Project after project, Paula has translated torrents of my (often non-linear) words into clear, clean images
that communicated complex ideas powerfully.

She’s fast and she’s smart.

Do yourself a favor and hire her.”

David Morgenstern / President and Creative Director / The Morgenstern Company, Inc.

• “Paula helped us create a conference our attendees will not soon forget by quickly and clearly capturing the key concepts from the 3-day conference and turning them into 21 impressive sketches that serve as a tangible memory attendees can always reflect on. 

Whitney / ICF for CED Virtual Conference

• “Paula has the ability to take complex subject matter, digest it and present it in a form and fashion that one can easily understand in our 35 second society. Her “Vision Quest” private consultations put key issues into keen focus. The expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is an analogy to Paula’s business. As a visual storyteller, her images often say what words cannot. Imagery is universal and has no language barriers, her sketches represent the true essence of the event, provoking thought and often times providing solutions. She has helped me see through complex problems, and helped me to reposition several business entities, without making it stressful.

You could not find a better and more supportive silent partner.”

Paul Siman / CEO / Patient Advocacy Services

• “Stunningly gorgeous, Paula! Your extraordinary artistic talent combined with deep presence in the moment allowed you to channel our time together into a visual distillation of the group’s experience.

The sketch journal is an incredible gift that brings it all back in living color!!!”

Ami Atkinson Combs / Director, iPNDC

“Aloha Paula,

 “WOW! Many thanks for sharing these beautiful drawings which so perfectly capture the spirit of the course and as they say "a picture is worth more than 1000 words"! Had I known you were going to do this I would not have tried to write so fast.

Mahalo for this treasure.”

Rita / Austria (Attendee for Serge Kahilli King’s Huna Intensive 3 day workshop, Big Island, HA)

“I recently hired Paula to create an artistic rendition of a 4 day “Transform Your Life” retreat I was hosting in Kona, Hawaii. Working with Paula was a magical experience for many reasons including the fact that she is extremely talented in her ability to create stunning and powerful visual stories after listening to spoken words in a group setting. Additionally, she helped me to chronicle an experience on paper for myself and all retreat participants to remember forever.

I would strongly recommend Paula to anyone who is wanting to bring their events to a higher and more meaningful level. It is a privilege to work with her!”

Leisa Peterson / CFP
Money Mindfulness Expert, Wealth Coach and Founder,
The Wealth Clinic, Huffington Post Blogger

• “If you want to make your meetings, retreats, conferences, or travel the most memorable experiences and come to life for the participants afterwards, you want to bring Paula Brown to the scene. Her creative images were the greatest reminders of key points that were now expressed in a memorable and visual way, deepening the understanding and connection to the heart of the matter. A great way to capture the essence of the session in a different way than just through words.

Paula brings a new dimension to the experience that can live forever. I highly recommend her.”

Runa Bouius / Conscious Leadership Advisor /
Entrepreneur / Speaker

• “Paula’s illustration work of our retreat, is beautiful and moving. It helps to remind me of the deep work that we all did at the retreat in her colorful and creative way. Paula’s descriptions through her creative process and drawing, will always bring the retreat back to me in a very special way.

I don’t know that there is anyone else in the world that can do this wonderful work, with the intuition that Paula has.

John P Pruyn / President / *High West* Landscape Architects, Truckee, CA

• “I hired Paula to help me with branding my own company. I know what I want as far as position, I just did not know how to voice it as I was too close to it all. Paula put everything into a storytelling, visual format which helped me see where I want to go and what is keeping me from applying it clearly for myself. She made it so much simpler.

This is a great way to approach branding, much different than someone just giving you bullet points, this format (Vision Quest) really allows you to connect with who you are. Great idea!

Lauren Jacobsen / Luxury Residential Interior Designer / Lauren Jacobsen Design

• “Thank you Paula. Your art sketch book from the retreat speaks in ways that a photograph cannot. I think I’m going to get it professionally printed and bound!”

Michael Lawson / Private Tech Tutor / Kona, HA retreat participant

• “Working with Paula, I was encouraged to play and explore, and find the ability to look at my services from a visual perspective.

I learned to keep simplifying my message, and to capture the simple essence of the solution I offered my clients. By keeping a focus on clarity, simplicity, and outcomes I was able to make an offer that was clear to my clients.

The reduction of long form thinking into playful sketching allows for the simple benefits and base value of my services to shine to others.

I recommend Paula to people that have complex thinking and services.
They should utilize her ability to lend clarity and focus to create messages and designs that prisms subject matter expertise into common emotions and human connections.”

Robert Gonsalves / CEO / Customer Farms

• “I recently attended a four day meeting where Paula created a visual booklet that captured the thoughts and ideas that were discussed and presented. By producing this visual representation, I now have something tangible to review and immediately take me back to the experiences and dialogue that were shared by the group. This is an incredible way to display concepts and even look at things a bit differently than just the written word. Paula has the amazing capacity to take a thought and provide a picture which describes it eloquently. I thank you Paula for giving our group this cherished gift."

Karen Norris / Real Estate Broker and Certified Public Accountant

• “It was a very valuable experience working with Paula – she guided me through the difficult path of revealing and clarifying my purpose. Her understanding of purpose and her guidance on many levels helped me to tap into and listen to my trusted sources. Her ability to test my thoughts and messages really helped me to get through this journey in a guided, efficient and confidence inspiring way! Her ability to blend in spiritual and graphical aspects makes Paula’s offering unique and special, and sets Paula apart from other guides that don’t understand how your mind, body and spirit components come together to form the overall picture of you. Thank you Paula for helping me on my purpose hunting. I’m excited to start my journey!”

Prem S. / Tech Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA

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